Grandia III Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Alfina's Special Items.

To get Alfina's Final Special Move (Armageddon) aalso, to get the ultimate magic (Heaven's Gate), and to get the divine skill book, and to get the ultimate magic skill, talk to Hecht, who's playing the violin right before fighting Xorn. She will give them to you. Now, go to the saving sphere right before the large doors, and go to set up. Set up the magic, and equip the book, and equip the magic power. Now, it will be a little easier to deafeat the final boss !

Dahna's Special Moves

Homing Shot
Mana Capture
Dancing Cards
Mana Spring

Yuki's Special Moves

Aerial Slash
Blade Storm
Invincible Aura
Dragon Slash

Alfina's Special Moves

Comet Spike
Stun Force
Ripple Shot
Holy Circle
Energy Drive

Ulf's Special Moves

Force Wave
Flame Spike
Big Wheel
Shadow Warrior
Inferno Spike
Red Lotus
Dynamite Rush