Grandia Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Work Up Magic Easy

First to work up fire, go to the dome ruins, go outside by the save and work up using fire magic. Soon your fire will be on high levels.  It takes a while to get really good moves.

Second, water, is easy go to the dom ruins(1), valley of the flying dragon(2), or the place north of dight village where there are acid pools(3). In the (1) hit the mean faces that pop out of the walls until you have 1 hp, then use heal. keep using this strategy until you get to the level you want, I personally wait until my water levels are between 20- 30, but after that it gets boring.  In the (2) somke plant damage you, keep getting hit and use heal. I went until I was between lvs. 25- 40.

And last, (3) stay and the acid pool until 1 hp.  Since you have gadwin it will take longer, but boost your lv. alot. Do this until about lv.50.wind- ? earth, keep using diig'n when you have a full party.  Your level will increase fast!!!

The Way To Win Against Master Chang

Before you go to the church to stop the wedding, buy about 10-12 First aid kits because you'll need'um.

Easy Win Against Squid King

Let feena keep using burn{keep attacking the middle}. She will finally learn flameburn. Keep using that. With Sue keep using combo and with Justin keep using V-Slash.