Guitar Hero: Metallica Cheats & Codes

World Tour Cheats For Metallica

Some of the cheat codes for world tour will work for Metallica, like change gem color, change fire color, and a few others just try them all and you will see.

Vocal Fireball

Red green green yellow blue green yellow green.

Performance Mode

Enter the code: Green blue red yellow yellow red green green.

Hyper Guitar-Bass-Drums

Press Green, Blue, Red, Yellow (2), Red, Green (2).

Auto Kick

Press Yellow, Green, Red, Blue (4), Red.

Always Drum Fill

Press Red (3), Blue (2), Green (2), Yellow.


Press Green (2), Red (2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.

Air Band

Enter red red blue yellow green green green yellow.

Black Highway

Enter the code: Yellow red green red green red red blue.

Unlock 80's & Zombie Metallica

Enter the code: Green, red, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, red, green.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Star Power Trick

When you trigger the star power, more star power notes will keep appearing if you hit them all your star power will stay for longer NOTE: If you don't use star power during a song, you get more money.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Unlockables & Awards

Kirk Hammet

Get 100 stars in guitar career.

James Hetfeild

Get 100 stars in vocalist career.

Lars Ulrich

Get 100 stars in drum career.

Robert Trujillo

Get 100 stars in bassist career.

Get King Diamond

Beat king diamond's evil.

Get Lemmy

Play the ace of spades in career.

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