Gungrave Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easiest Way To Kill

After you climb the tower on the final level, you meet "The Boss". In the beginning of the battle, go to the right(or left). When he looks at you or attacks (preferably the flamethrower attack) dodge it and run to the other side. You should see a generator-type-thing. Shoot it. His health bar should go way down(his arms should be blown up, too). After him you fight the head thing. Just shoot out the eyes, use a demolition shot when he tries to suck you in, jump backwardas to dodge the lasers, never get too close or too far away, and you'll win, no doubts.

Grave's Poses

After you kill all the bad guys in a raging gunfight, to earn bonus artistic points, push select. When you do, Grave turns around and strikes a wicked crazy pose. ENJOY!

Slow-motion Mode And Character Select

Successfully complete the game on the easy difficulty setting to unlock the slow- mo and character select options.

Killing Enemies

Auto-face an opponent and jump in a forward motion or dive will help kill an enemy quickly. If you do not auto-face, you can just dive for cover or get away.

Unlocking Bonuses

Play the game well and get past certain levels to unlock bonuses such as "Slow Motion".

Alternate Boss Endings

Press Triangle to deliver the final hit to a Boss to view an alternate kill sequence.