Happy Wars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get More Star Coins

First complete a story campain level. Then after you do if you go back to the same level and there will be star coins.

Different Attack Types

Warriors can do 4 attacks. A rapid stab attack (press x 5 times in rapid succession), a shield smash (rt twice in rapid succession), a dash attack (forward and x at the same time), and a spin attack (rt and x at the same time while enchanted). Mages (While enchanted) can do a super projectile by pressing rt and a at the same time. Clerics can also do the warriors shield bash by pressing rt twice in rapid succession. Use these attacks to do more damage and allow new tactics.

Level Up

You can level up fast by healing other players who are wounded , or assist them when they are in a fight they can't handle , or just assist them by warding off others when your teammate is constructing. (Those are for multiplayer only).

Happy Wars Unlockables & Awards

DLC Achievements

  • Archangel : Complete the 'Archangel' Quest : 15
  • Commander of the Light Knights : Reach rank 50 : 15
  • Happy Quest Hunter : Complete at least 60 Quests : 15
  • Knight of the Order of Light : Reach rank 40 : 10
  • The Beginning of a Quest : Complete at least 20 Quests : 5
  • The Devil : Complete the 'The Devil' Quest : 15
  • The Godlike Swordsman : Complete the 'The Godlike Swordsman' Quest : 15
  • The Ultimate Craftsman : Raise the level of an item to Level 15 : 10
  • Achievements

  • All Rounder (10) : If you use all the classes at least two times each in a single Quick Match or Co-op mode to become an All Rounder.
  • Battle Master (10) : To master all the battle skills and get the title "Battle Master", you must use every skill in a Quick Match or in Co-op mode.
  • BOT Hunter (30) : You just need to get a single victory in Training mode
  • First Victory (10) : Simply get a victory in any game mode. Easy!
  • Gang Up (10) : Launch a Team Skill and get a kill in a Quick Match or Co-op mode
  • Happy War-Lord (60) : You'll need to start and play 100 non-tutorial Happy Wars games in any mode.
  • Hello World (10) : Communication is the key. You'll need to talk or order commands at least four times in a Quick Match or Co-op mode game.
  • It worked! (30) : Complete every Story Mission to get it workin'.
  • MOD 0 (10) : Level-up any item.
  • MVP (20) : Unlock the "MVP" quest in a Quick Match or Co-op mode
  • Nobody Calls Me Noob (20) : Complete all of the tutorials
  • Rich Man (10) : Get 30 items
  • Spin Spin Spinner (10) : Play the Happy Spinner
  • Standing On My Own (20) : Reach rank 20
  • Team Player (20) : Win 3 matches in a row in Co-op mode
  • The Best Items (20) : Get a level 10 item
  • The Blacksmith (10) : Modify an item and add a buff to it
  • The Legend Begins (10) : Receive mention in Hero Pop-up in a Quick Match or Co- op mode
  • Treasure Hunter (20) : Get a premium item
  • You Rock! (60) : Complete more than 40 quests