Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Folio Magi (GameShark)

80084728 FFFF
80084726 FFFF
80084724 FFFF
80084500 0300

Unlock All Report Card: Quidditch Training

800844F0 FFFF

Unlock All Folio Magi (GameShark)

80084862 0063

Unlimited Health (GameShark)


Unlimited Health

At the main menu hold L1 and press Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Left, Right. After losing Health during game play, press start then hold L1 till your Health is back to full.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Tarantula's Location

When the Message Board in the Common Room tells you that you need to find the tarantula, go to the Herbology Greenhouse. Outside, on the wall closest to Hagrid's Hut, there is a place to crawl under the wall. This will lead you to an area adjacent to the Greenhouse that normally is not found.

Go Even Faster Down The Slide To The Chamber Of Secrets

When you are going to the Chamber of Secrets, you down a big slide. You are timed. The game tells you you to press (X) to go faster, but that doesn't work. You need to hold the up button to go faster.

Getting Wizard Cards

When you're at Professor Lockhart's Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson, just get an A and you will get a wizard card. Count 1, 2 ,3 really fast and you will get high percentages. Just remember, it matters on how you count the numbers.

Secrets Under Bookshelves.

When you are at Hogwarts you can go up to a bookshelve and sometimes it will say " Crawl " and it will let you go to secret hallways.

How To De-Gnome The Garden And Pumpkin Patch

For an eaiser way then using your thumb and holding it in your hand, set it on the ground and start taping it quickly. Then get ready to let him fly.

Get Nimbus 2000

Finish the training at Quidditch practice on day two with a grade of 'B' or better and you will earn the Nimbus 2000 so that you can fly anywhere around the school!

Don't Have To Kill Basilisk

After you "duel" the Basilisk, you have to kill. But, in the duel, if you die the same time you beat him, then you will come to the hospital menu. When you do click Continue. Then the basilisk will be dead!

Gadding With Ghouls

Message Board item. Found out by the lake, fly over the drawbridge it is by a single tree on the ground

Follow Ron

When you are following Ron don't go on the brown slippery stuff. Go all the way on the sides and keep on running and it will be faster and safer.

Cards For De-Gnoming

At Ron's house and Hagrid's pumkin patch hit the four objects at each place and recieve a free card for free. It will take a while, but you will get the cards sooner or later. :)

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