Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Pumpkin Pasty

On the 3rd floor after you see the 3 headed dog or (fluffy) when you see a big gap on the top of the screen go over to it and go over to th left side. When you do cast flipendo and it will hit a switch. A bar will come over and you walk across. Use alohomora to open the door. there will be two pixies. step on a switch & walk around because another on will appear when you hit 4 or 5 switches it will open the door. Go in and get the pumpkin pasty.

Extra Pumpkin Pasty

On your way to the trophy room to fight Malfoy,on the 7th floor, there will be a flipendo switch. When you see it, cast Flipendo on it. Then, go back to the door that you can't open with Alahomora. It will be open. When you go in, you'll be in the Astronomy Tower. If you walk around a little, you will find a pumpkin pasty.

Chocolate Frog In Bush

While on your quest to find the item in Hagrids garden, after you roll the first and second stones to their places you can make it over to the left now. When you go down, (beware there are about 3 gnomes waiting for ya!) push the up on the key pad and a chocolate frog will be there, capture it and ya got the card, easy as 1, 2, 3.

Getting The Dittany In Hagrid's Garden

Move all the egg things onto the three buttons and all the blocks will move.Be careful crossing the blocks. (P.S. You have to go back to Hagrid when you are done getting the dittany and he will let you out of the garden.)

Helpful Hints For Learning Spells

Here a few tips for learning spells in class:
1) The first time you copy the wand movements correctly you have learned the spell. You can not now unlearn the spell if you fail farther on.

2) The second time you copy the movements (The second movement will be the first movement plus a few extra movements). If you copy the movements perfectly you will get 25 house points.

3) The third time you copy the movements (Again the second movement plus a few extra movements.) You will get another 25 house points.

4)Once you complete the three movements or pass the first movement and make three mistakes you move on to the class chalenge. When learning the Alhavora: If you copy the movement once you learn the Alhavora. The same rules aply like any other spell but you won't get any house points and you won't have to complete a class chalenge. If you complete the movements three times you will get a Pumpkin Pastry. When learning any spell it might help to write the movements down.

Snape's Class

Once you enter snape's room, go straight to the back of the room. Press the up button on the keypad to search the large book case. It turns out to be a secret passage.

How To Beat Lord Voldemort

When you come in the last room you will have a short conversetion. Then Lord Voldemort will cast spells on you. Lead his spells to the pillars so that they break. After breaking all the pillars you will fall in the dungeons. There you will have to use the mirror to cast his spells back to himself after hitting him 8 times he will run towards you. You will see a green light and then the end.

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