Harvest Moon 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get The Superhammer

First extend your house,then the next day go to the carpenter and talk to him then he will give you the superhammer.

Speed Fishing

First you need to have three things like this:
Then you need your horse Wihth saddle bags like this:
While your on your horse ride in the middle hold down and jump off And fish. When you catch a fish throw it in the bottom item. You'll be getting About 2000 to 6000 dollars a day (you have to fish all day though).


On top of one of the trees behind the Hot Springs you can walk through it and it takes you to your ranch.

Mole Bash Game

To get the Mole Bash Video game simply dig up a mole after 5pm, then after you play it you can buy it for your T.V. the next day at the Tool Shop.

Horse Race Game

To get the Horse Race video game just participate in a horse race and then buy it the next day in the Tool Shop.

Get The Lengendary Golden Chicken

To get the legendary ''Golden Chicken'' go to the trade menu and trade chickens with your friend until you both have a Golden Chicken. This will take about 25 tries, but eventually it will work. The Golden Chicken's eggs sell for 500 gold per egg, and the chicken itself can be sold for 10,000 gold! If you incubate its eggs, and raise more Golden Chickens, you can sell them and make tons of cash!

Get More Sunny Days

If you haven't gotten all the building expansions, then you can us this cheat! Go to the builder, and ask him to build something. The next day will be sunny regardless of what the TV says.

1000 Gold

To get 1000 gold press A and Up against the dresser by your bed.