Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats & Codes

Free Milk Processing Building

At front screen x, y, x, b, z, start.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Frozen Baby

Bring your son to the place where you link. Put it on the right side on the shadow and it will freeze. You cannot pick it up or do anything else. It can still move normally as if you were pressing X, but it cannot walk around and you cannot pick it up. Your wife will have to pick it up when it is its bedtime so you do not have to worry losing it. It will also return to normal if you reset.

The Horse Races

On the day of the horse races, save, then go to the races. Remeber all the winners, restart, and bid 99 on all the winners to get lots of medals. If you've taken good care of your horse, bid on him and you can win alot of medals.

Change Weather

If it is raining or there is a hurricane, enter the mine and dig. After you are done, the rain or hurricane will be over.

Fishy Cash

Need some cash NOW? Well I have figured out a way to do that! You know the digging site up by the waterfall? Go buy a fishing pole from Van and go fishing there! The different kind of fish are:
~Big Namame
~Big Huchep
~Big Yamame
~And anything else that floats by! 
The fish that you get here are worth, LOADS OF CASH! (Note) Remember to fish right by where the waterfall starts, that's where all the fish are, and fish right beside the dig site, not on the other side of the river!

Grade A Milk

Do you want to make fast cash? Well here's the solution for you! Don't you hate when you get grade B milk? Well here's a way to get grade A milk from now on! Make sure to talk to you cow everyday, just to see how there doing. If you don't then they start to feel disowned. You can also buy a brush and brush the cattle everyday. You can also press the Y button while near their head to "love" them.

See Nina Again

After you get married, sadly, Nina dies. But if you go to Gallen's house about 6:00 A.M., you can help polish her grave. If you do, Nina's spirit, ghost, or whatever call it, will appear smiling.

Get Muffy By Summer The 1st

To get Muffy, give her flowers every day, and talk to her. One thing you should not do is when she asks you "What are you here for" do not say to see you, she will get embarrassed, say to talk (or to chat). If you keep this up, you will get 4 hearts and engaged by summer 1st. You will find her diary in the bouquet of flowers in the Blue Bar.

A Valuable Mushroom

Okay, in fall, you see a slim, and tall mushroom behind Vesta's farm. It is called a Matsutake (forgive me if I spelled this wrong). Do not eat it!!! You only get 2 a year so don't eat it! It is worth 100G. So that's an easy 200G. So do not eat it because it is valuable.

Ruby Spice Glitch

To get 99 Ruby Spice and plenty of G, get Ruby Spice by befriending Ruby. Then, go to your kitchen and choose any recipe and put in one Ruby Spice. Confirm it and put it in your sack. Have patience this takes a while. Note: Sell all but one Ruby Spice because you dont get any more. If you sell 98 you will get 9800G. :)

Money Every Month

First buy a boy and a girl chicken.Then put the fetilised eggs in the encuvator. When the chicks grow to be an adult, sell them. You get alot of 450g Monthly. (or twice a Month depending on what day it is).

Free Seed Maker

You know Daral. In the first year at 10:00-12:00 he will say they stole my idea and he will give it to you.

Racoon In The Distance

If you go to Vesta's ranch in the early fall, go to the upper right corner of the ranch and you will see a racoon walking around. This hint might work any time of the year.

S Rank Crops

Once you are in chapter 3 go to Takuros house at 5:00-10:00pm and he will show you his new plant. It has two heads and talks, every day talk to him and if he asks you a qustion always answer politely. Eventualy he will ask you if you need some thing and the word hybrid will apear as an option. Click it and select 1 crop or seed and mix it wiyh an upseed flower after clicking hybrid. When he returns the item it will be an S rank crop and the flower will be gone.

Play With The Pyros

The 2 protecnitionists live in what looks like a water tower. Its between the trailor home and blue bar. Go in it via the rope hanging from the "water tower". Once inside talk to 1 of the pyrotecnitionists (if home) and they will ask you if you want to play a game.

Sashimi Those Cheap Fish!

You don't have to settle for selling Van the cheaper fish. Cook them into Sashimi and you get 150G per fish! There are certain fish you don't want to make into Sashimi, however. These are: Arna, Big Arna,Yamame, Big Yamame, Sharshark, Big Sharshark, Big Rainbob and Big Huchep. The regular Rainbob and Huchep should be made into Sashimi.

Steady Money

Buy chickens and a fishing pole. Get as many hens as possiable raise them eventully they will give golden eggs($300). Catch Fish biggest $1000. Take out 99 fodder sell them to van there you have it $990 G.


When you buy things that are expensive from Van, do you ever wonder if you can get it for a better price? You can! Just haggle with him if it is expensive. For example if you want to buy a teddy bear that Van may be selling, go to Van and when available click the "Discount?" option, keep at it until both you and Van are happy with the price!

Food Procesing Room

This room is 30,000g. If you buy it, then you will have a good imcome. You can make butter & cheese in this new place. It will help you out with recipes and different meals.

Help With Nami

Are you having trouble getting Nami to fall for you? Well, once you get the Blue Feather, go to Celia and Muffy and when they ask "Are you serious?" say No and break both of their hearts. By the end of the first year, Nami usually will purpose to you herself. But don't use the Blue Feather on her, though, unless she has 4 hearts. But if she has 4 hearts, why would you be doing this to poor Celia and Muffy?

Change Chicken Gender

This trick only works for a hatching chicken. Do not save the game until you get the gender of chicken that you want. After the chick hatches, reset or turn off the Gamecube. The chick might change to male or female. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Digging Up Things

Digging for treasure at the excavation site is another way to make some extra money. Catch Carter between 9:00am and 5:00pm to start digging. Go over each square a few times to find some treasure. At the end of each digging day Carter will look over what you've found. He'll swipe anything that he thinks is valuable and leave you with the rest. You can either sell your treasure to Van, sell it yourself, or give it away.

Buying Cattle

When you have saved up your gold and want to get a new cow you should consider the following: Normal cows are not too much 2 buy and don't sell milk very high. If you get a female Star cow then you will be fine. The star cow will produce grade A milk and it is worth 405G... WOW!! The grade S is even greater, it is 540G. So you should think about it. =)

Milking 4 Money

After a few years of raising cattle you'll have enough money to buy a Milk Processing room. It costs 60,000G, but is worth every piece of gold. The Milking room makes milking so much easier, it's automatic! You'll need to show your cows where to go by pushing them into the building a few times and from then on they will go in themselves to be milked.

Easy Money

First, buy the banana tree (1,500G). Then, get the seed maker (6,000G). In year 2, the banana tree should be full grown. Get 15 bananas and put them in the seed maker. You should get 30 seeds, which sell for 750G each. Sell these to Van for a grand total of 22,500G.

That's Good Food

To make food you first need to get the recipe. You can find recipes in every house. One of the most important resipes that you'll need is the curry resipe. To get it you must become friends with Ruby(she likes potatoes). After you have your recpie you go to your kitchen to make the food, and that is how you make your food.

Seasons And Seeds

SEEDS:             Seasons:          BUY      SELL

Tomatoes:          Spring- Fall      30g      35g
Watermelon:        Spring- Summer    60g      75g
Melons:            Summer- Fall      50g      70g
Strawberries:      Fall  - Spring    30g      35g
Turnips:           Summer- Winter    20g      25g
Potatoes:          Winter- Spring    40g      60g 
Carrots:           Fall  - Winter    30g      45g 
Sweet potatoes:    Fall only         40g      60g


Peaches:           Summer Harvest    1,120g   40g
Oranges:           Summer Harvest    820g     30g
Grapes:            Fall Harvest      900g     35g
Bananas:           Summer Harvest    1,500g   35g 
Apples:            Fall Harvest      820g     25g 


If you want to bread your cow don't buy a male because the male is too young. If you still want a new calf get a miricle potion from another farm.

Timing Is Everything

To get the blue feather to give to your favorite girl you just go to the spring and eat one of the red and white mushrooms to see the Harvest Sprites, but you can only get the blue feather in the first summer.

Horse Race

Save the game, then go to the horse race. Do not bet yet. Make a note of the winners, then reset the game. Load the saved game, then bet 99 on the winners. You can get a lot of medals. Also, if you are competing, bet on yourself if you take extremely good care of your horse. If you win, you will get a lot of medals.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Unlockables & Awards

How To Get Marlin Quick

Give Marlin fruit, milk, or veggies. Talk to him every day and if he asks you a question say the nice stuff.