Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Stars Under Your Name

This is a cheat for girls only : On the start Menu under your name you can gain stars now to do this you'll have to order the fashion magazine in the library every week or so. When you finish reading it you will gain one consecutive star under your name. What is the use of these stars anyway? well , it helps you gain Admiration to the one you like it will also help you in increasing your heart for him.

Mary's Heart

If you want to get mary to like you (or a quick girlfriend)all you need to do is give mary lots of flowers. In two & half months mary had a green heart for me.

T.V. Shopping

In order to get the t.v shopping you need to upgrade your house.

Getting The Fishing Rod

In order to get the fishing rod, go to the beach near the boat at 7AM with an open item slot. Talk to the guy who comes there and you will have it!