Harvest Moon Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


You will find somesthing in the fireplace!

Getting Secret Gifts

In order to get gifts from the farm spirit, you need lots of animals and crops. The way I got it was to plant on all squares of land, got four cows, four chickens, and in the summer try to get as many tomato plants as possible. When you get the pickax go to the caved in area and clear the whole area. There should be two torches lit. Use your pickax repeately on the wall between the two lights and you will access a hidden area.

Save Wood

You can save wood for your fences by using the small rocks, so do not break them or throw them in the ponds. They also can not be broken by the rain or dogs.

Save Time

When something is bought, buy as much as you can afford so you do not have to buy the same item again when it runs out. Only ship crops during the day, and feed and water everything at night.

Golden Axe

After the earthquake, go all the way up in the caverns and throw your axe in the water. The Harvest Goddess will have a Golden Axe and ask if it is yours. Answer "No" and she will give it to you.

Super Hoe

On another day a sprite will ask if the hoe is strong enough. Answer "Yes" and he will upgrade it the next day.

Super Sickle

On one day a sprite will ask if the sickle is strong enough. Answer "Yes" and he will upgrade it the next day.

Feed the Sprites

If you feed the sprites everyday they will be nice to you. They will also give you a power berry during the earthquake.

Protect Your Fences

Leave your dog out everyday and your fences will never be broken unless it rains or snows.

Extra Money

You can get extra money by plowing the ground. When you find money remember that location plow it again the next day. This only works once a day. Put a fence on top of where you plowed, then take it off so you can plow again.

Extra $1000

Click on the cupboard after starting the game to get a quick $1000.

Extra Crops and Seeds

Choose to be a girl character to receive extra crops and seeds.

Extra Crops

Capitalize the first letter of your name to get eggplant and carrots as extra crops. Leave the first letter of your name in lower case to get broccoli and peanuts. Replace the first letter of your name with a symbol, such as the heart, to get all four crops.

Infinite eggs

Obtain a watering can and water an egg that is near the shipping box. It will turn into a fence. Pick up the fence and it will change into an egg. However, the fence will remain allowing unlimited eggs to be obtained.