Haunted Mansion Cheats & Codes

Upgrade Weapon

Hold down right on the D-Pad and enter: B, B, Y, Y, X, X, X, A.

Level Select

Hold down right on the D-Pad and enter: X, X, B, Y, Y, B, X, A.


Hold down right on the D-Pad and enter: B, X, X, X, B, X, Y, A.

Invisible Zeke

To make Zeke invisible enter this before legal info appears. Release the buttons when the title screen appears. Hold A, B, L, and R.

Play As Skeleton Zeke

Hold down A, B, X, Y.

Haunted Mansion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Haunted Mansion Image

In the gallery you will notice paintings that appear to have a burning castle in the background. If you check out the good side you will notice that it’s identical to the Disney’s actual Haunted Mansion ride.

Name Of Designer

If you look at the bottom of the holes where the coffins are you will see the name of a game designer.

Hidden Haunted Mansion Ride

Once you capture all the souls in the Ballroom and talk to the organist, stand in the middle of the room and zoom in on the windows at your right. To the left you’ll see a couple roll by on the Doom buggies.

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