Hot Wheels: Velocity X Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Health

Intentionally hit 179 Barrels While completing Challenge 17.

Keys Collectibles

Joyride is a mode that allows you to test drive cars in areas you've been in before. You can also use it to just get to know the area better. But, you can also find 10 hidden gears (they have red sparks around them) and 1 special golden key (actually it's yellow with golden sparks around it). When get the key or the 10 gears, you get a car. Usually they're not as good as normally unlocked cars, but thery're still very good and flashy.

Timer Speed

Intentionally hit 13 Detour Signs while completing Challenge 15.

Unlimited Turbo

Collect 8 Zappers while completing Challenge 4.

Unlimited Ammunition

Intentionally hit 50 Barrels while completing Challenge 18.

Upgraded Laser

Complete all missions, then complete all challenges under the very hard difficultysetting. (NOTE:)You have to get a "A+" rank to unlock this cheat.

All Worlds

Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18. The yellow key is in the Mines, across a trestle at the end of the tunnel.

Unlimited Horse Power And Perfect Handling

Beat the first ten races with a rank of third or higher. Once finished with this task, you will need to start a new game and once you have completed the first five races new game. this time come in last each time ten times. Then reset your Playstation, and when you look in your garage you will have a Shelby GT-350 that can go 300 and hit a turn with no problems at top speed.


Select Jet Boosters and Hyper Mite and then go to Turbine Sands in joy ride mode. Then find the freestyle course, go off the metal ramp while jet boosting, then use jet boosters while in the air and you will be able to fly.

Unlock All Gadgets

To unlock all gadgets,you have to get 11 bonus stunt points in challenge #11.After that, go to options, then go down to cheats, select it, when the cheats screen comes up, all gadgets should be able to toggle on and off.

Unlock All Cars

To unlock all cars, purposely hit 30 barrels in challenge #7. After that, go to options, then go down to cheats, select it, when the cheats screen comes up, all cars should be able to toggle on and off.

Unlock Hidden Cars

Start a one player game, either a adventure or go to joyride. In adventure you must complete tasks to unlock cars. In joy ride, you can search for keys and gears in the tracks that you have unlocked.

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