Hydro Thunder Cheats & Codes

All Boats

?pb is the code to get all boats.

Disable Timer

At main menu press X+Y+B+Start to turn off timer.

Hydro Thunder Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Four Second Boost And Fast Start

At the beginning of any race, hold L before the countdown begins. When you see the number "3" on the screen release L and hold R. When "2" appears release R and hold L. When "1" appears release L and hold R again. You'll get a four second boost and a fast start when the race begins.

Sound Test

Put the disc in the system, open the lid, and turn it on. Go to the icon with the music note and hit "A." Now close the lid and hit "Play." After a cheesy voice says, "This disc is for use only with Sega Dreamcast," another track starts playing. Subsequent tracks will have the rest of the music.

Full Pause Screen

Pause the game and press X + Y.

Quick Start

Note: This trick assumes the game is under the default controller setting. Hold L during the pre-race countdown. Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "3". Release R and hold L when the countdown reaches "2". Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "1". If done correctly, your boat will get a faster start and a four-second boost.

Jump With Out A Ramp

To jump without a ramp press L and A. Note: you must have some boost.

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