Hydro Thunder Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Passage In Artic Circle

After going through the first ice cave (with water) you will see a hole on your right drive up it and you will get farther in the lead.

Extra Boats

Go to the middle of the easy boats and tap L1 until an extra boat appears.

Shortcuts In Lost Island

First, go through the waterfall to find a shortcut, then coming out of this short cut tou should be on a straight away. Near the end of the straight there will be what looks kind of like a rock. Head ove in that direction to find an awesome short cut. If these shortcuts are done right, you will easily get first.

Shotcuts For Venice Canals

Near the beggining of the race, there will be a stair type thing that you're supposed to turn at. Drive straight over these. Then when you come up to the dock that you end up looping around, JUMP over it. It is possible, believe me I've done it plenty of times.

Quick Start

Press the throttle button at the last second to get a quicker start.


Hit your turbo then push box. By doing this you will lift into the air for a brief time.

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