I-Ninja Cheats & Codes

Big Heads

Press Start, then hold R1 and press Triangle(4). Release R1 and hold L1 and press Triangle(2). Then hold R1&L1 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Complete Current Mission

Press Start then hold R1 and press Square(3), Circle. Release R1 and Hold L1 and press Triangle(2), Release L1 and Hold R1 and press Square(2).

Sword Upgrade

During the game, press start. Hold R1&L1 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, Square.

I-Ninja Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Sword Upgrades

There are only a certain number of sword upgrades. They are:
gold sword
jade sword
sapphire sword
fire sword
soul sword
(Note: All swords past the katana take 2 hits to kill the weakest enemies, even the soul sword. They just change swords to make it look good!)

I-Ninja Unlockables & Awards

Battle Arena

To get the battle arena in Robot Beach, you need to obtain every single grade in the game.

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