I-War: Defiance Cheats & Codes

Command Line Cheats

Start the game with one or more of the following command line parameters to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The save point codes may not 
allow the game to continue normally.


Play in desktop window		w
Disable sound		xsound
Start from save point 1		start1
Start from save point 2		start2
Start from save point 3		start3
Start from save point 4		start4
Use save slot 0		slot0
Use save slot 1		slot1
Use save slot 2 		slot2
Use save slot 3 		slot3
Use save slot 4 		slot4
Use Save slot 5 s		lot5
Correct screenshots in 3Dfx mode	nozlock

Cheat Codes

Enter the pilot roster screen and select any slot to display the history and 
missions screen for that person. Enable the "History" box, then 
type "dethweezul" (case-sensitive) to enable cheat mode. If you entered the 
code correctly, the word "Outcome" and a number will appear under each 
completed mission. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen 
to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Add selected mission
 to history		Player history	[Left Shift] + [Backspace]
Toggle selected
 mission's outcome	Player history	[Left Shift] + =
All missions accessible	Player history	[Left Shift] + 0
Invincibility		Game play		[Left Shift] + I
Destroy targeted ship	Game play		[Left Shift] + 0
Freeze target	Game play		[Left Shift] + [Semicolon]
Dock with any vessel	Game play		[Left Shift] + K
Advance to next
 mission event	Game play		[Left Shift] + S
Instant mission victory	Game play		[Left Shift] + W
View previous FMV
 sequence		Game play		[Left Shift] + [Backspace]
Turbo mode		Game play		[Left Shift] + A
Jump to target's vicinity	Game play		[Left Shift] + 8
Match target velocity	Game play		[Left Shift] + 9
View all reachable
 destinations as
 waypoints		Game play		[Left Shift] + G
Jump to current
 Lagrange point
 destination		Game play		[Left Shift] + J
Screen capture [Note]	Game play		[Left Shift] + P
Continuous screen
 capture		Game play		[Left Shift] + M

Note: The current screen will be saved as a PCX file in 
the "psg\resource\art\screens" directory.