Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Cheats & Codes

Talking Gangsta' Hulk!

Enter BRINGIT in the "Enter Code" area and Hulk is wearing a gray suit, tie, and hat! He also talks smack while smashing everything to pieces!

Unlock Shorts

For german flag shorts enter the code: deutsch
for uk flag shorts enter the code:fshnchp
for french flag shorts enter the code: drapeau.

Unlock Abomination

Enter the code: villain.

Unlocked Sepia

Enter the code: history.

Unlock Gray Hulk

Enter the code: classic.

Unlock Joe Fixit Skin

Enter the code: suitfit.

Unlock Wild Traffic

Enter the code: froggie.

Road Rage

Enter froggie as a cheat in the cheat code menu to unlock road rage.

5000 Smash Point

Enter the code smash5.

Mass Transit

Enter code the code transit.

Italian Flag Shorts

Select code input from the extras menu and enter MUTANDA.

Gorilla Invasion

Enter the code kingkng.

Unlocked Low Gravity

Select code from the extras menu and enter PILLOWS.

Unlocked Black And White

Select code input from the extras menu and enter RETRO.

Unlocked Japanese Flag Shorts

Select code input from the extras menu and enter FURAGGU.

Unlocked Cabs Galore

Select code input from the extras menu and enter CABBIES.

Smash Points Booster

Enter "SMASH10" and you will recieve some Smash Points.

Double Damage!

Enter DESTROY in the "enter code" area to double the damage that the Hulk can cause!

Cow Missiles!

Enter CHZGUN in the "Enter Code" area and ALL missiles fired in the game are now EXPLODING COWS! Got milk?

USA Flag Pants!

Enter AMERICA in the "Enter Code" area for American flag shorts, just like in Rocky movies!

1500 Free Smash Points!

Enter SMASH15 in the "Enter Code" area for 1500 Free smash points!

Spanish Flag Pants

Go to extras on the main menu and put BANDERA.

Canadian Shorts

To get the Hulk to were Canadian shorts, type in OCANADA.

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


At the end of the game not only will you be able to play as Bruce Banner once you collected enough Smash Points you will be able to play as Abomanation.

How To Kill Civilians Without Getting In Trouble

If you want to kill people without worrying about the army comming to get you, you just have to pick up a civilian with Y and go on top of a building and set him down with Y then stand next to him, he will eventually run away and fall off the edge. This is not so much fun as it is funny.

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Unlockables & Awards

Super Bruce Banner!

After beating the game once, collect 1,000,000 Smash Points and head back to the church. In the "Buy Menu" you can now choose to play as the "puny human" Bruce Banner, but with all the Smashing Power of the Hulk!

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