Incredible Hulk Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeat The Big Eye Robot

You have to aim for the eye of the robot.

To Pick Up People

To pick up people you have to get up close to them and press B now you can do your hulk moves to "try" to harm them. You may find out that they are indestructible no matter hoe hard you try to defeat them.

Destroying Buildings Completely

Yeah you can hit buildings but if you want to make a building come crashing down listen. Just destroy the foundation all around the building (it might fall before you destroy the whole foundation).

Incredible Hulk Unlockables & Awards

Classic Hulk

To unlock the classic hulk you must find 5 comic book covers hidden around the city.


To unlock abomination you just have to win the game.


To unlock Maestro you have to destroy a building in every neighborhood.


To unlock Ironclaud you have to defeat the U-foes complete the game and trick a Ufoe into taking down another one

Grey Hulk

To unlock the grey hulk you have to smash 10,000 objects.

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