Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Cheats & Codes

Sounds In Game

Enter "mucke"

Expert Mode

Enter "REALHARD" as a passcode.

View Development Team

Enter "CHEESE!!" as a passcode.

Level Select

Enter "FORGEOFF" as a passcode.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Ammo

Get over 100 ammo for a certain gun and then you will get unlimited ammo. This is more likely to happen if you get most of the ammo from dead soldiers.

Hints: How To Crawl

Hint: When near a small opening that Indiana can't walk through, Press L2 and C-up.

How To Get Past The Second Jeep Jump Quicker

Get past the first jump on the jeep level and then keep driving until you are out of that tunnel type thing and you should see a hill on the left side. Drive up the hill and when you are near the end drive as quickley as you can and drive off and you should land on the other side and then drive away very quickly or the bad people will shoot you if you didn't kill them.

Hidden Level

Get 1,500 I.Q. points to unlock the Return To Peru bonus level.

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