Iron Man Cheats & Codes

Unlimied Flying

Down down down down up.

Fly High

Down down up left right up.

Unlimied Life

Down up up left left up.

Defeat The Stark Gunship Easily

Up down left right X.

Iron Man Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Suits And How To Unlock

  • Classic Armor : Complete Sixth Mission
  • Classic Red and Gold Armor : Complete Ninth Mission
  • Mark I Armor : Complete First Mission
  • Mark II Armor : Complete Second Mission
  • Mark III Armor : Complete Fourth Mission
  • Stealth Armor : Complete Eleventh Mission
  • Titanium Man : Clear Game on any Difficulty Setting
  • Ultimate Armor

    Clear mission 13 showdown.

    Iron Man Suits

    To unlock the suits:
    Classic - Complete challenge "One Man Army vs. Mercs"
    Classic Mark I - Complete challenge "One Man Army vs. AIM"
    Classic Mark II - Complete challenge "One Man Army vs. Ten Rings"
    Classic Mark III - Automatically unlocked
    Extremis - Complete challenge "One Man Army vs. Maggia"
    Hulkbuster - Complete challenge "One Man Army vs. AIM-X"
    Ultimate - Complete Story Mode completely

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