It Girl Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Send Yourself Things

If you have access to multiple facebook accounts (or if you make extra ones), you can send yourself as many gifts as you want! Note: this is a bit like cheating.

More Xp And Money

Every newsstand or newspaper rack can be clicked and you will get 10 more experience and $10. Step outside every store and every party and you will see them. You can click on EACH one of them every day! They do cost 1 energy per click though Soho has 4 of them in a row. When you are on a street you can walk to each stand.

Easy Wins

To win easier, you must have a big Clique. The bigger your Clique, the better your chances of winning. You should invite all your other facebook friends to play It Girl and join your clique. You can also find more people for your clique by looking online for "Add Me" lists for It Girl.

Good Dresses

First, see that the dress having maximum hotness, then buy that dress.

Maximize Your Hotness Points

To get the most Hotness points, you should layer as many different items of clothing as possible. Even if your characters style ends up looking ridiculous and over-layered your Hotness will still increase. You can also try different combinations to see which combinations work best.