Jackass: The Game Cheats & Codes

Bam Margera!

To unlock Bam as a playable jackass at the main menu hold R1 and L1 then press Circle, Square, X then go to a stunt then select your jackass. Bam should be there.

All Episodes

L2, L2, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, L1, Circle, L2, Circle.

All Jackass

L1, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, L2, L2, Right.

Jackass: The Game Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ehren Sucks Banner

On the grenade golf you should see a banner that says Ehren sucks

Jackass: The Game Unlockables & Awards

Unlocking Bam

To unlock Bam you have to complete MTV story mode 100%.

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