Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster Cheats & Codes

Movie Theater Option

At the "Press Start Button" screen, press Left, Right, R1, Circle, Square, Triangle(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Alternately, collect twenty gold dragons to unlock the Jackie Chan movie option.

All Dragons

At the "Press Start Button" screen, press L1, R2, L2, Square, X(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Jackie should change his outfit, and you will have all gold and red dragons. Note: This also unlocks all levels.

Level Select

At the "Press Start Button" screen, press L2, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, R2(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Behind The Scenes

Left, Right, R1, O, Square, Triangle, Traingle.

Unlock All Levels And Collect All Dragons

Press L1, R2, L2, R2, Square, X, X.

Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Infinite Lives

When you start the Roof Top level 2, jump on the elevator. To the right side is a ninja with a stick. After you kill him, the light above the door will turn on. Enter the room and kill the enemy inside. A ladder will come down. At the top of the ladder there is an extra life. After collecting it, exit the level and save the game. Repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of lives.


Hold Square. Jackie will throw a punch, then scoot back and throw a Drunken 
Master Punch. Your opponent should become dizzy and give you the opportunity 
to use the Jumpkick or any other combo.

Hold Triangle. Jackie will kick, then flip and kick.

Press Square(2), Triangle (2). Jackie should throw three punches, then turn 
around and hit the opponent with his butt.

Run towards a wall and hold Triangle. Jackie should run, flip off the wall, and kick 
the opponent behind him.

Press Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Triangle. Jackie will roll and shoot up 
kicking twice.

Press Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Square. Jackie will roll, then shoot up with 
a powerful punch.

Hold Grab and X, Square, Circle, or Triangle. Jackie should perform one special 
push instead of the regular push. This will help gain more style points.

When an enemy is behind you, quickly press the D-pad in the opposite direction 
you are facing and press Triangle. If done correctly, Jackie will do a leg sweep 
and trip the enemy behind you. This is also an easy way to knock down those 
pillars that hold up the ceiling and for breaking fences.

Hold Triangle when laying on the ground. Jackie should spin on his head, do a 
helicopter kick, and make the enemies around you back away.

Repeatedly press Triangle or Square when holding a weapon to do weapon