Jade Cocoon 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money

Enter Barren Earth, the fourth Earth Forest. When you get there inside, at quite few of the Ogre Vines there will be either a Cute Gem or a Lovely Gem which sell for good money.

Very Rare Ku!

You like Kus? I know how to get a rare one called a Raindrech. First, you get a Heluch egg (you may want to get a few, at least three) and some Pitchdark Books. Then, you go to Wind Patina and go to the second ogrevine on the left. There should be a kapuvine in it. Merge the two items (please make sure the Heluch goes first or you will not get an egg)and maybe a Raindrech will come out! It may take a thousand tries, but eventually you will get it. Just for fun, the resulting beast grows up like a Drech, only the beast is blue. Also, it grows up fast. When it becomes a Seadrech, it is really cool looking.

Easy Start

To get an advantage when beginning a new game, choose to take a Fire monster and start in the Earth Forest. By the time you get other monsters, your attacks will be far higher than other wild monsters and you will have an easier transition no matter what elemental forest you choose.

Rare Eggs

Collect Inferno Books and Twill Mugworts from the Fire Tower Forest and buy some Luch Eggs (five is best) from the Kikinak Company. Then, enter the Wind Patina Forest and take a left to the second Ogre Vine. Inside is a plant that merges items. Place the Luch Egg inside, then place the Inferno Book or the Twill Mugwort in. Do not place them in the reversed order or you will not get anything good. Save the game before doing this so you can reset and try again if it does not work the first time.

Water Drac

Defeat Levant in the Dark Forest. Then, Cure will be back to being human. Talk to her and after a little while she will post a job on the work board saying that the reward will be a Drackich (Water Drac). Water Drac cannot be created at item merging.