James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats & Codes

Full Ammunition

First get 11 "Platinum" Awards. Then pause the game and press X, X, Y, B, B.

Double Ammo

To be able to carry twice as much extra ammo, pause the game then press X, X, A, X, Y. You may be able to carry more than twice as much, depending on the gun you have.

All Weapons

To enable All Weapons, pause the game and press X, Y, A, A, X. For this cheat to work, you need 17 Platinum awards

Improved Battery

Choose a level when you can use your nano suit press start/pause and press X, B, B, A, X and you will hear a sound that lets you know you put it in.

Improved Traction

Play a level when you drive a car, motorcycle, or SUV, press start/pause. Press the following letters X,A,A,B,Y and you will hear a sound that tells you that you put it in correctly.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Rappel Help

If you're stuck in a dead end, or just can't find a door, chances are that you need to use you're rappel. So look up for a ledge.

Q-Spider Help

The Q-Spider is a useful gadget. If there is a partially opened door or pipes blocking your path, you probably need to blow 'em up with the spider. It can also be used to explore areas that you would like to know if your going to be ambushed. Another good thing about it is that it can be used to get items that you can't without it. If you see a vent, get your spider out.

Thermal Vision Help

The thermal vision can be very useful in dark places, but it is also valuable in lighted areas. You will be able to see any enemy easily since they glow red and yellow.

Bond Sense Help

When in one player mode, tapping left or right on the 4 directions arrows ables you to access your guns, but it also lets you see weapons and special things you can do. Those things have flashing red circles around them.

No Medals When Cheating

If you enable any cheat such as the Golden Gun, at the end, it won't award you any medals, no matter how good you do.

Train Chase Bond Moment

In the Train Chase mission, when the train destroys the track and you land on a dirt road below, a helicopter behind you is shooting you, look back (by pressing the C Stick Down and holding it) and fire missiles at it until it disappears. (Note: when doing this, try to not crash either) If you didn't destroy the helicopter when on the dirt road, you have a second chance, it reappears a few moments later, if you destroy it successfuly, you will get a Bond Moment.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Unlockables & Awards

Unlock 003

Earn 290 points.

Unlock Baren Samedi

Earn 50 points.

Unlock Burn Chamber

Earn 370 points.

Unlock Cistern

Earn 30 points.

Unlock Diavolo Moscow

Earn 400 points.

Unlock Egypt Guard

Earn 180 points.

Unlock Egypt Commander

Earn 90 points.

Unlock Hazmat Guard

Earn 110 points.

Unlock Katya Jumpsuit

Earn 320 points.

Unlock Le Rouge

Earn 260 points.

Unlock Miss Nagai

Earn 450 points.

Unlock Moscow Guard

Earn 230 points.

Unlock Mya

Earn 130 points.

Unlock Odd Job

Earn 70 points.

Unlock Serena

Earn 350 points.

Unlock Serena

Earn 430 points.

Unlock South Commander

Earn 210 points.

Unlock Test Lab

Earn 160 points.

"An Old Friend" Bond Moments

To get all the Bond Moments on the "An Old Friend" mission, just leave the first 4 rooms silently and with only using Hand- to-Hand Combat.

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