Jaws Unleashed Cheats & Codes

Free Roam

Select new game and enter deadpeople as user name.

How To Get All Misions

Go to new game and enter shaaark as a profile name.

God Mode

Go to the main menu, select "New Game" and put in "unstoppable" as your name.

1 Million Points

Start a new game and enter "blooood" as a profile name.

You Are A Dolphin

Go to new game and type in DOLPHIN as your profile name.

Passing The Strong Current

Go to New Game and type in PASSFUL.

All Levels

When you start the game go to new game then name the new game SHAAARK and all the levels will be open.

Swim Past The Strong Current

Select new game and enter ashaark as profile name.

Unlock Everything

Select new game and enter deathbeach as user name.

Jaws Unleashed Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Spinning Under Water

If you hold L1 and L2 for a little bit of time and then release both buttons at the same time while under water you will do some spins under water.

Destroy The Coast Guard

Easiest way to do this is to jump out of the water and kill the gunners on the ship. Then the ship will still follow you but it can't hurt you. Next destroy a little sub thing and pick up the box that comes out of it. Throw the box into the ship to do damage. The ship usually takes about two hits. Also there will be two helicopters. To destroy them jump out of the water and grab onto them. I destroy the helicopters first then kill the gunners then destroy the ship.

Killing Humans On Land

If your faced by a target hiding somewhere out of the water all you gotta do to reach em is aim your head out of the water and press circle. Then repeadetly pres R1 to snag them.

Unlimited Easy Points

When you advance through the game a little bit you will need points right? Well here's how to get them. When you start trouble police boats will come and you will want to destroy them. When you destroy a police boat it will give you 2,000 points and each time you destroy a police boat more and more will come. WARNING: THIS ONLY WORKS WHEN YOU DESTROY POLICE BOATS. Go0d Luck!!!

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