Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Cheats & Codes


Get some air, then hold R and enter one of the following codes to perform 
the corresponding move:

Move		Code

Nac Nac  		Z
No Hands No Feet  	Down, Z
No Hands  		Left, Right, Z
Side Prone  		Up, Z
Can Can  		A
Recliner  		Down, A
Cliffhanger  		Left, Right, A
Scorpion  		Up, A
One Foot 		Can Can  B
Surfer 		Down, B
Super Mac  		Left, Right, B
Rodeo  		CDown
Saran Wrap  		Down, CDown
Toe Clip 	 	Up, CDown
Fender Grab  	CLeft
Backflip  		Up, CLeft

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Moon Track

If you complete a complete series under hard difficulty setting in first place, the moon track will become available.

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