Just Cause 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bubble Blower Gun

If you go north along the coast of the Reaper base in the desert you will eventually wind up in a valley full of white trees. There will be a tower in the middle of the trees. Go to the top of the tower and it will be there on the table.

Vehicle Locations

The black market vehicles are located in the following spots:
  • Makoto MZ 250 (Black Motorcycle) - X20401 Y24964 / Sungal Tapal
  • Pell Silverbolt 6 (black Aircraft) - X9454 Y5760 / Teluk Permata Airport
  • MTA Powerrun 77 (black speed boat) - X20656 Y31047 / The island southeast of Pekan Kesum
  • Garret Traver-Z (black sport car) - X6415 Y24454 / A crossroad with no mark, the car is parked near a fence
  • Rowlinson K22 (Black chopper) - X15884 Y4287 / Bandar Baru Nipah (On the roof of the smaller building around the skyscraper with the telecom array)
  • Getting Milatary Vehicles With Out Getting Heat

    To get vehicles easier without the police after you go to a military base and get 100% on the base the army will be gone after you leave and come back you will be able to get the vehicles with out trouble hope this helps.

    Taking Care Of The Weather On Hantu Island

    After you do the second stronghold mission for the Ular Boys you can do the "stranded" mission and after you do that mission it stops the nonstop raining and your plane won't explode over the island as you fly above.

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