Just Cause Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bald Eagle

There is a boat it is called the Bald Eagle Persuader. It travels very fast on water. If you drive it in a straight line for long enough it takes off and wings grow from the side. When you land it, wheels pop out underneath. It is very difficult to control. It appears about one in every ten visits to the mansion near a safehouse. Note: It cycles in the following order: sea, air, land. If you go from the air to the sea it will just explode.

The Blue Dots

When you've finished the missions or are just not in the mood for following orders, have a look around for items(the blue dots). This is useful, as it unlocks safehouses, and it also helps you get higher ranks for the geurillas and the riojas, so when you die you don't have to walk/ drive/ fly/ swim miles to get to where you were. Also the blue dots are virtually everywhere (when you have collected most of them, look on the map on the SELECT menu and zoom as far in as possible so you can plot a course for those little hidden dots). I also recommend that you use a helicopter (either find it or get a heavy drop) because it gets you to places you can't go on foot (ex. mountains)

Sweet Jets And Helicopters

The planes aren't just in the airports, they're in the military bases. You get fast jets and cool helicopters with weapons in the military bases.

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