Karateka Unlockables & Awards


  • Fast Start (Bronze) : Reached the Bamboo Forest in under 5 minutes
  • Freedom From Need (Silver) : Defeated Akuma without collecting any of Mariko's flowers
  • Love Conquers All (Silver) : Rescued Mariko as the True Love
  • Make a Big Splash (Bronze) : Defeated the bully on the bridge
  • Mariko (Bronze) : Rescued Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma
  • Palace Gardens (Bronze) : Reached the palace garden
  • Palace Gates (Bronze) : Reached the palace gates
  • Path To Mastery (Silver) : Surmounted the Great Wall without getting hit once
  • Righteous Path (Bronze) : Earned the respect of a brother monk
  • Righteous Victory (Silver) : Rescued Mariko as the Monk
  • Swift Victory (Bronze) : Rescued Mariko in under 30 minutes
  • Way of the Karateka (Gold) : Challenged Akuma, untouched by his minions
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