Kick-Ass Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Out Of Last Mision

After you kill the first 3 or 4 guys, turn around and there is a crashed truck and at the back of the truck there are barrels. Then jump in the barrels. Then you are out of the map.

Kick-Ass Unlockables & Awards


  • Slaughter Master : Kill 1000 enemies
  • Bazooka Expert : Complete the game in Normal Difficulty
  • I'm not Invisible : Set off the security camera 5 times in one level.
  • Hit Girl Expert : With Hit Girl, Kill 2 enemies in one wall run attack.
  • I have a friend : Complete a level in Co-op
  • Junkyard King : Find and kill the Junkyard King
  • Big Daddy Expert : With Big Daddy, use the flashbang to stun 6 enemies at once.
  • Jerry Lee : Light a Piano on fire in the Penthouse
  • Collector : Collect all 8 hidden comic books
  • Kick-Ass Expert : With Kick-Ass, Kill 10 enemies during one rage activation.
  • OCD : Destroy 1000 Crates
  • Completionist : Level up any one character to level 50.
  • Too Easy : Complete the game in Extreme Mode