Killer Instinct Cheats & Codes

Do Saberwulf's Danger Move

Attack your opponent after the his or her second life bar is gone. Then, walk close and press Left, Left, Left + A. Sabrewulf will sharpen his claws and stab the opponent.

Do The Ultra Combo For Sabrewulf

Get your opponent to very low energy, until the life gauge is blinks. Use the Sabre Pounce -- press Right, Left, A, Right, Left, B, hold Left and press A, charge Right, then press Left, A. After the opponent flies high in the air, do the Sabre Pounce slightly before the opponent falls. Note: This takes timing.

Level Select

Hold either Up or Down, and press A, B, Start, or Select.

No CPU Combo Breakers

Hold Left and press B, A, B, A at the versus screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.


To play as the Chacter Eyedol you must press SELECT, START, B, A, in that order at the versus screen.


After you have knock out the person at the end LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, B.

Killer Instinct Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

SabreWulf's Sabre Tornado & Sabre Roll

To do the Sabre Tornado, walk to your opponent and then press Back and B at the same time. To do the Sabre Roll, do the same but this time press A.

Random Character Select

Hold Up and press Start at the character selection screen.


To shoot you must roll your finger from down all the way to right and press B as quickly as you can.

How To Play As Beast

Hold Left and Press A when both the fighters have been chosen.

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