Killing Time Cheats & Codes


From the main menu, create a character named .EVORGRAH. The sound of a harp confirms you're in cheat mode. In the blank name window, type the following codesto advance to that section of the gamewith a pistol already in your inventory. Before each code type 2 periods (eg...W1).
Location Code- Action- Location Code- Action 
W1- Experience- VW- Shade 
AT- Attic Intro- S2- Necropolis 
A5- Bloodclock- H3- Old Foundation 
E1- Circus Mortus- C1- Outer Patio 
U2- Bonus Blast- W2- Hieroglyphics 
U3- Clean your Clock- W4- Room Service 
E2- Columns of Seth- LG- Kes' Lounge 
SW- Dankmoshere- TR- Tess' Room 
A3- Darkling Attic- A6- Time to Die 
GH- Great Hall- H2- Garden 
W4- Elevator Shoes- UH- Upper Hall 
WS- Hopscotch- L1- Hard Cover 
A2- Losing- S3- Ball 
WW- Switches- H1- Hedge 

Each of the above location codes can be combined with the followingletter and number codes to give you various inventory items. A maxium of 13 letters and/or numbers can follow a location code.

Code: Action: Code: Action: 
1-9: Each number gives you a different gem: 
H: :Automap 
A: 8X damage: L: Invisibility 
B: Invincibility: M: Map secerts 
C: 200 % Health: N: Map loot 
D: Double Pistol: R: Genocide bomb 
E: Map Hazards: S: Shotgun 
F: Flamethrower: Y: Unlimited ammo 

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:


iamapoophead	God mode
scoobysnack	200% energy
opensezme		All keys
whoopdang		All weapons and ammo
bodybags		All Tess' objects
mad dog		Double barreled shotgun
stryder		Five of weapon 7
john woo		Double pistols [Note]
idkfa		Suicide
burger		Unknown
edge		Unknown
crypto		Temporary walk speed boost to selected hero
chow yun fat		Unknown
garylake		Unknown

Note: Enter this code as a name.