Kingdom Under Fire Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter], then type "~makemyday" to enable cheat 
mode. Then, press [Enter] and type one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: Replace ~ with [Period] when playing the 
game in RPG mode. Additionally, enter "#9#9" after each code in the demo 
version. For example, "~makemyday#9#9" and "~hastalavista#9#9".


Additional 500,000 of all resources 	~baegopa 
All buildings destroyed 		~hastalavista 
Fast construction 		~simsimhae 
Fast mana regeneration 		~knowledgeispower 
Full health 			~godblessu 
Full mana 			~amosbemerciful 
Full map 			~dayspring 
Unknown 			~opensesame 

Alternate Codes

Star a game skirmish or a mission and then hit enter then type the following: Cheatmode_on For all research type: knowitall For invincibility type: prowler For money freeze type: hailstorm

Version 1.09 (Patched) Cheats

During gameplay press ENTER and put in a code below ~theuntouchable - Be invincible ~lickmybun - Next level

Kingdom Under Fire Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Wizard Trick

Use a wizard (the males) to cast haste and invisiblility on a fast unit like a calvalry (sorry i forgot the real name.) That unit can then charge into the enemy base and deal out some pretty good damage. The enemy will not be able to attack you until the invisiblity wears off. Can also be used with a hodian sorcerss(the females) to deal a ton of damage. Use firball on a building, ot unit. A lot of the enemy will flock around the sorceress. Then you can use the meteor strike spell to kill or seriously injure most of the units around you (including yourself)

Stone Golem Trick

This is better for multiplayer but still works in single player. If you select multiple sorceress' at once and cast stone golem they will all appear on top of each other. Most human players will think its one golem and not take it seriously. Make sure the golems do not move. When the enemy gets close have the golems attack. They will all spread out of the one golem. Your opponent will be in for a nasty suprise with this trick. Note: In single player this really doesn't have a use. Though it saves room so other units can go around them easier.