Kirby's Dream Land 2 Cheats & Codes

White Kirby

Turn on gameboy. When it says GAMEBOY hold down (at the same time) UP, SELECT, B. when the title comes up the kirby should be white. if not try again.

Color Change

In the begining of the game when it says Gameboy, press A release then hold A/ for a green Kirby. Press SELECT/B, for a red kirby. Press A realse then A then realse then hold A for blue kirby.


The Easy to go back to the title screen during game play is to press select, start, A, B all at once.

Hard Mode

At title screen press UP, SELECT, B.

Extra Lives

At title screen press DOWN, SELECT, B.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Pass Levels Easily

To pass levels a lot easier and not lose any health, at the beggining of the level press up and you should fly, from there just fly through the whole level. (note: this doesnt work on the levels where the wind is blowing you back)

Freeing The Rainbow Drops

Use the following powers on the blocks in the Rainbow Drop rooms.

1: Grassland: Parasol 
2: Forest: Spike
3: Ripple Field: Rock
4: Iceland: Fire 
5: Red Canyon: Spark 
6: Cloudy Park: Cutter
7: Castle: Ice
End: Fire, followed by Stone, Spike, Ice, and Cutter 

Finding Secret Rooms

Use Spark in dark rooms with Spine and the Spark power. Try to enter the doors or pictures that may appear.

Face The Dark Matter Boss

Get all the Rainbow Drops before fighting King Dedede.

Bonus Options

Collect all of the Rainbow Drops. Return to the Boss rooms and achieve a perfect score in all bonus rounds. Find a female blob in any stage, then complete the game to achieve a 100% score. Press A and select "Option" to fight the Bosses, access the bonus rounds, and start a sound test.

Random Percentage

Find a female blob after rescuing an animal helper. This may be easily done on level 5-3.