Kirby's Dreamland Cheats & Codes

White Kirby

Turn on gameboy. When it says GAMEBOY, hold down (at the same time) UP, SELECT, B. When the title comes up the kirby should be white. If not, try again.

Harder Game

To play a harder game press up + B + select.

Configuration Mode

On the title screen press and hold Down, Select, and B.

Bonus Game

On the title screen, hold the following: Up + A + Select

Kirby's Dreamland Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beat King Dedede

When fighting king dedede, it's too risky to suck up the stars that he shoots from his hammer. The easiest thing to do is wait until he jumps, then inhale one of the stars and spit it back at him. P.S. This is a good way for beginners

Defeating Enemies

For flying enemies, you should try to suck an object or enemy into your mouth and shoot it out at it because there's a lower risk that you will get hit than if you tried to go under it or suck it in.