Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Cheats & Codes

Cheat Code For Latest Patch

CHEAT CODE: conjure [front] [support] [support] x y. According to TimeGate Studios, there are several variations on how it works. For example, conjure skeleton skeleton shadow_priest conjure cavalier sorceress warlock 32 32 The cheat code creates a company with the desired combination of front and support units. This cheat will also allow a player to create the company at a particular location if specified (x y).

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Enter], then type one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function:


+10 for all products 		hoody hoo 
Cataclysm 			unpleasant dreams 
Fast construction 		speed it up 
Full map 			show fog 
Maximum gold 		free gold 
Win current mission 		yeahbam 
Unknown 			gimmie five 
Unknown 			mass production 
Unknown 			time flies 
Unknown 			good to go 
Unknown 			feeling fine 
Unknown 			overpopulation 
Unknown 			griff shadow 
Unknown 			faction free 
Unknown 			there is no spoon 
Unknown 			the end is near 
Unknown 			i repent 
Unknown 			endgame 
Unknown 			allready