Laser Shark Dogs with People Hands Cheats & Codes

Capture The Brain Bug

Go to the Planet P level and pause the game. Enter the code "We're in it for the SPECIES" (case sensitive).

The Bro Code

Unlike other cheatcodes, you start with this code enabled - to retain the Bro Code, just don't break any of the acceptable rules for dudes and their bros. If you violate any rules, you'll unlock Barney Stinson - the Big Boss. He'll leave his GNB headquarters and chase you down.

Extra Laser Energy

Unlock the achievement "Sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads", then enter the code: "1.21 Gigawatts". If entered correctly, you'll hear Doc. Brown say "Great Scott!"

Unlock NPH

Go the the main screen, then select "wickedest cheat codes", and enter: DOOGIERULEZ. If entered correctly, you'll here a Vinnie say "DOOG". Wanda will also be unlocked and available.

Laser Shark Dogs with People Hands Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Dr. Horrible

Defeat Captain Hammer and save Penny to get Dr. Horrible into the Evil League of Evil and make him available as a playable character.

Unlock Sharks With Frickin Lasers On Their Heads

Defeat Dr. Evil in his Lair by using "The Dutch" and "Carnies" NPC's to unlock SWFLOTH.