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Easy Minotaur Battle In Episode 8

In episode 8, therei s a scene where you will fight two Minotaurs at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no Aniform Control Device to prevent them from temporarily attacking you. When you enter the room, sprint to pick up the weapons, molotovs and ammo on the floor. A Minotaur will bust through the wall right behind you (from the direction you came from), so be sure to dodge his first attack and run into the room he came out from. The reason this room is a great hiding spot is because when the second Minotaur comes to join the battle, only one Minotaur can come into that area at a time, allowing you to only have to deal with one before dealing with the other. Unfortunately, since this room is so small, it'll be hard to shoot them in the back (where they're the most vulnerable). The best thing to do is to use your heavy machine gun, and keep firing at their faces. Also, be sure to use your Animus bursts and Molotovs if they become overwhelming. Since you're not able to shoot at their backs, it will take plenty of ammunition to take care of both of them, which is why it's imperative you pick up the ammo on the floor before the battle starts. If you don't, and you end up running out of ammo during the fight, you're stuck with your axe, and that will get you nowhere against the Minotaurs. It may also help if you can somehow hang on to the rocket launcher you needed just before this scene to destroy the Gryphon before entering the building.


The axe is the easiest way to kill a werewolf. if you keep hacking away, they will back up giving you many free shots. At the end, be sure to chop their head off.

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