Lego Rock Raiders Cheats & Codes

Transform Rock Raiders Into Rock Monsters

At the title screen,type "Irrmonty"

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the main menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Level select			lrrwarp
All vehicles			lrrve
Rock Raiders become Rock Monsters	lrrmonty

Level Select

At the title screen,type "Irrwap"

Lego Rock Raiders Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ore Refinery

The Ore Refinery is very useful, when it's upgraded 3 times, it only takes 2 ores to make a building stud which is an equivalent to 5 ores, it's not just useful for quick building, it also helps to use ore more efficiently.

Lots And Lots Of Energy Crystales

When you play Frozen Frenzy drill north then stop send a rock raider up the passage stop there drill south keep drilling from thst and you will find about 100 energy crystles :) :) Note: When you find the 100 energy crystles lots of ice monsters come out.

Slimy Slugs

If you dont want a slimy slug sucking energy from your buildings turn off the power on it. Then they will go away!

Rocky Horror

In the mission rocky horror go north to hard rock drill that and you'll find a bunch of energy crystals which will help you on that last mission.

Transport Down More Men

If you want to transport down more men, build more support stations.

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