LEGO Star Wars Cheats & Codes

Want Characters?

In the game you can either find the guys as you continue playing story mode or enter the following codes then buy them at Dexter's Diner:
Battle Droid-987UYR
Battle Droid(Commander)-EN11K5
Battle Droid(Geonosis)-LK42U6
Battle Droid(Security)-KF999A
Boba Fett-LA811Y
Clone(Episode III)-ER33JN
Clone (Episode III,pilot)-BHU27T
Clone (Episode III,swamp)-N3T6P8
Clone (Episode III,walker)-RS6E25
Count Dooku-14PGMN
Darth Maul-H35TUX
Darth Sidious-A32CAM
Diguised Clone-VR832U
General Grievious-SF321Y
Gonk Droid-U63B2A
Grievious' Bodyguard-ZTY392
Jango Fett-PL47NH
Ki-Adi Mundi-DP55MV
Kit Fisto-CBR954
Mace Windu(Episode III)-MS952L
PK Droid-R84OJU
Princess Leia-BEQ82H
Rebel Trooper-L54YUK
Royal Guard-PP43JX
Shaak Ti-EUW862
Super Battle Droid-XZNR21

More Options

Big Blasters-IG72X4
Classic Blasters-L449HD
Silly Blasters-NR37W1
Minikit Detector-LD116B

LEGO Star Wars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Big Money

To do this get all 10 generaters and complete the ship you'll be rewarded with a lot of blue studs.

Dancing Legs

Go to the level where you fight against Darth Maul. Make sure you are in story mode. Right after you kill him the top of his body will fall off. When Obi-Won picks up Qui-Gon, look behind him. You will see Darth Maul's legs to be what looks like they are dancing or looking for the body.

Can You Spell LEGO?

In episode 4, yes that is the secret level, go to the room that has different color blocks and shapes. Use the force on the right ones at the right time and they will spell out the word LEGO. About 5 seconds later about 7 blue studs, worth 1k each, will drop. Total for that level the first time I played it, I counted over 100k studs. GOOD LUCK!!

Never Die

If you don't want to die you must get 1,000,000 lego studs and go buy invicibility.

Unlock Episode 4

To unlock episode 4 you must have the LEGO stud meter full untill it flashes on every level (1-1 through 3-6). In episode 4 you can unlock Darth Vader and Princess Leia.


If you are fighting battle droids turn into one and they won't shoot at you. They will probably follow you around like you are the leader. That way it is easy to shoot them without getting shot.

Battle Droid (Yellow)

If you press X when you are the yellow battle droid he will pull out a walkie-talkie and say into it "Roger Roger"!

Lots Of C-A-S-H

In the level Darth Vador (Episode III chapter 6) in the part where you have to put the place together to make it out, there are a lot of coins, the thing is if you die you keep the coins!

Episode III Chapter 6 Part 1

When you are jumping over the lava in the first part turn into Jango Fett ($65,000 dollars in Dexter's Diner) go in flying mode and you can fly through the part of the level.

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