LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Different Results

When you are doing a surgery, do it as fast and efficient as you can. There are two results for every surgery if you do it perfect a sign at the bottom will say the operation was a success. If you beat it normally it will just say that's perfect.

Play 3 Times

Play through the game three times, and go on a different date with the three characters you can. I did this and it unlocked a few of the bonus games.

Alternative Ending

At the very end, when your dad's life is in danger, and you are trying to reason with the other doctor to help save him, there are two endings. Either you can not reason with her, and he dies and the game is over. OR you can reason with her (this may take quite a while to accomplish) and save your father. It caught me off guard, don't let it catch you!