Lock's Quest Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Drawn To Life Reference

When you go to the camp to the right side of the city with the archineer base go up to where the three crosses are than tap each one and the first one says "HERE LIES MARI" the second one says "HERE LIES THE MAYOR" the third one says "HERE LIES WILFRE" then lock says "WILFRE HUH, SOUNDS FAMILIAR"

Clock Works

The first kind of clock work is basic but super deadly if in 4-9 numbers [groups] then the knights are heavily armored but if you put some turrts it would drive them crazy. Archers are ok but very weak close range but very strong agenst turrts and walls bruts are very powerful against walls and you now the first boss [pain is easy if you have unlocked the poison traps and the goo launcher then it could poison him and put some turrts by the goo launcher then slow pisoned and turrts are hitting him then bam done.