Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

More Flank Points

On the level The Edge Of Fangorn When you start the game and you need one companion choose legolas and Start the game skipping the report. Place Gandalf Aragorn or Elrond on the secand flank and legolas on the third. Once your turn move what horses you can behind your main character as far ahead of him as you can with out using their second move. Than move legolas right next to gandalf. Use the rest of the your points than restart the level simply by going to quit. Repeat until you get to 5 points on legolas's flank but do not do it after five or it will start going down.


In Attack on Fangorn when your playing for the evil side you have to catch the trees on fire by collecting the flags. The fastest way to do it is to first get the bottom left one. Then the top left. Then bottom right. Then top right. To make things even easier destroy the ent and Gandalf and send at least two to three people in each direction.

Unlock Haldir

To unlock Haldir play Black Gate on hard with Good.

Easy Exp.

If you havn't already figured this out, to get easy Exp. just play Mission from Rivendell over and over.

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