Lost in Blue Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Orange:knock you out, Brown:give you a burst of energy, white:no effect, Black: poisonous, red: poisonous, Yellow:poisonous, Blue:no effect, Purple:poisonous.

The Lake (Warning Spoiler)

Ok eventually you will travel into a jungle that's behind a waterfall. After you get far enough you will get to a part with a beach on a lake. Keith will say something about thinking about how to get across the lake. You'll have to travel back to the cave. Keith will get the idea that night. Next time you go up there bring at least 12 logs and 12 ropes (preferably more it's hard to build). When you go back there you can build a raft to get across!

Stayin' Alive

To keep you and Skye alive you should always have at least one spear. I suggest having more than one though. You can get spears by using a sharpened stone with a wood stick or bamboo. Catch fish every day on the game because the next day you can eat a lot of fish. Don't go traveling to deep unless you're at full food, water and strength.