Lost Odyssey Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Tackle The Magic Tank Easy.

Step one: ATTACK THAT MAIN GUN! This Dose insane damage to your whole crew and that is bad!
Tip one: Ignore the units, they are shielded and unless you have an advanced jamming ring it just takes too long.
Step two: After the gun is out, put the tracks to the screws! Hit it with everything you got. Ground Spells work best. (Tank will be immobile now, at least to its power attacks, oh and Send Mack to take the hits, and everyone else hits from the rear. )
Step three: Now pound the living crap out of it! Split your crew and attack each side. Pair Mack with Seth and the Jensen Dude. Kaim and Cooke can handle the other side.
Do this and you will see the second funniest cut scene in the game!

Having Trouble With The Bogumary

Use Seth and Kiam to at the giant worm. Use Jansen to attack the little bugs. Use mostly black magic, ground. That is most effective against them.

Having Problems With The Griffon?

The only advice I have on the game is have plenty of time on your hands. If you are not quite a level 14 or 15 when you come face to face on top the hill with the Griffon it would be wise to set Seth in the back seems the Griffon likes to attack her frequently. This keeps her alive and her White Magic cause her to heal very well.

Lost Odyssey Unlockables & Awards

Perfect Three: 30G

First achievement of the game. Knock over the purple glowing Pillar to acquire the Bruiser Ring and read tutorial to understand how to use it. Then get three perfects in a row using the targeting ring system to get this achievement.