Lumines: Puzzle Fusion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Slipping Skin

If you get over 1500 points in challenge mode, you will unlock the Slipping Skin.


Get at least 5000 points in one player challenge mode to unlock the URBANIZATION level.

Unlock Polygon Head Avatar And Please Return My CD Skin

Defeat the polygon head at level 3 of vs CPU.

Unlock Japanese School Girl Head And Bird Singing In The Night Skin

Defeat the Japanese school girl head at level 4 of vs CPU

Unlock Record Avatar And Auto Mobile Industry Skin

Defeat the record head at level 2 of vs CPU.

Unlock Chinese Head Avatar And Japanese Form Skin

Defeat the chinese head at level 1 of vs CPU.

Lumines: Puzzle Fusion Unlockables & Awards


45 Degrees: Complete all normal puzzles in puzzle mode.
Aback: Play level 40 in challenge mode.
Auto Mobile Industry: Complete level 2 in vs. CPU mode.
Big Elpaso: Play level 70 in challenge mode.