Madden 64 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Select season mode, and enter the front office menu. Then, create a player and 
enter one of the following names. Note: "_" indicates a space. Use the "Continue" 
option and save the player. Press B(2) to return to the game selection screen and 
choose exhibition mode to access the cheat effect. 

Name		What It Does

Tiburon		Large players
Elec_Arts		Larger, more powerful players
Sixties		1960's teams
Seventies		1970's teams
Eighties		1980's teams
B_Howlie		1997 AFC Pro bowl team
Lei		1997 NFC Pro bowl team
AT_Madden		All-Time Madden team
Stats_Men		Statistical leaders team
Maitland		Tiburon stadium
San_Mateo		EA stadium

View Ending Sequence

At the EA logo when the game is first started, hold L + R + Z.

Madden 64 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Stiff Arm

When running the ball you can either hit R for stiff arm right or L for the stiff arm on the left.

Random Team Selection

At the team selection screen, select Exhibition mode and press C-Up + C-Right.

Touchdown Show-off

After entering the endzone, press C-Left to perform a touchdown dance.

Always Win Coin Toss

When the referee tosses the coin, press Down for "tails", then press Up to select "heads" approximately two seconds before the coin lands. If done correctly, both sides of the coins will be "heads".


To jump you must hit the "R" button. This will help you get over a fallen person!