Madden NFL 06 Cheats & Codes

Silver Da Boot


Gold Darrick Brooks


Gold Chad Johnson


Gold Rudi Johnson


Gold Champ Bailey


Bronze Da Boot

In Madden Codes put 3J3S9E.

Donovan McNabb Card


Golden Donovan McNabb Card


1st And 5


Madden NFL 06 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Madden Cover

During the preseason there will be a shirt it will say "go to the phone to see if your on the Madden Cover". Then go to your phone you'll either be on it or not.

Easy Points On Offense

In NFLSuperstar mode when your on offense make the defense choose "Field Goal Block" then the offense chooses any pass play. Don't choose a pass play that you fake to your HB or the defense will sack your QB.

Easy Touchdown

When your in a game press pause then go to gameplay settings then go to A.L. You can put your opponets QBaccuracy, ect. Then do "Hail Mary" pass to either B or X because the others are around each other.

Easy Sacks

At the main menu go to My Madden and then go to gameplay setting. Then go to Penalty and turn off offsides. then save go to a game and have a guy on defense go up to the line and you won't go offsides then hold the sprint button down and when the play starts you'll go in fast and sack the quarterback.

Faster Running

Faster Running will increase your speed on both offense and the deffesive side of the ball, helping you get more yards or more touchdowns, or more sacks in the game.

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